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‘Sticker maker, report status’: New, upcoming updates on WhatsApp



Meta-owned WhatsApp keeps improving user experience by introducing new updates and features to the application for all its versions — android, iOS, and desktop.

If you missed out on the latest updates and features being introduced to the instant messaging app, this is the time to catch up.

Some of the features are still under development and not yet available to all testers or they may gradually roll out to users in the coming weeks while some are available to the beta testers.

If you are unable to use a certain feature, you need to for a future update of the app to access it.

Here is a wrap-up of the updates and new features. 

Sticker maker tool 

A new feature is being introduced to WhatsApp for iOS 23.3.77 update. This will allow users to quickly create stickers after “extracting a subject right out of an image.”

Call link

This new feature called call link is being introduced for the Windows beta version of the app. The update will allow users to generate a call link, send it to others who can join the group call by opening the link.  


The messaging app is working on a newsletter feature for the status tap. Through this feature, users will receive new updates that are introduced to the app. 

The feature will be available in the future version of the app. Moreover, these updates will be shown horizontally just like Instagram Stories. 

Split view

In its new update, WhatsApp introduced a new feature called “split view” for the tablet version of WhatsApp. 

This new feature optimises the interface for tablets, providing a better experience on a large screen. Users can use two different sections of the app on the tablet simultaneously.

Report status 

The application is launching the ability to report status updates in its new beta update. Users will be able to report status updates that they think to violate the “Terms of Service.”

“The same update also offers to some users a permanent mute option within their message notification,” said WaBetaInfo

File size

The app is releasing out a new in-app banner to announce the ability to share documents up to 2GB in size. 

Through the “document banner”, users will now easily be able to share documents and files up to 2GB in size. 

Chat attachment menu

WhatsApp is also working on a redesigned chat attachment menu for a future update of the app. 

Mute calls 

This new feature allows users to put calls on silent from unknown numbers while still showing them in the calls list and notification centre. 

With the growing issue of spam calls in recent years, this new feature might be able to reduce it. 


VPNs, X, and Slow Internet Services Are Still Blocked in Pakistan




Users are reporting poor performance on numerous social media sites due to widespread slowdowns in internet access. Furthermore, X (previously Twitter) has been inaccessible for the past six days, despite the Sindh High Court’s directive to allow access. In the meantime, Pakistan is blocking VPN services.

X Remains Unblockable

On February 17, 2024, the Pakistani government first prohibited access to X when it was discovered that Rawalpindi’s Commissioner had rigged election results. The block is still in effect, even though there has been no official announcement or explanation for it. Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to lift the prohibition, the administration has not yet disclosed any plans for reinstatement. Furthermore, officials are giving media outlets conflicting information about the limitations.

Blocked VPN Services

Virtual private network (VPN) services are being widely blocked nationwide, which exacerbates the problem. Apart from limiting accessibility to X, the government has initiated the banning of prominent VPN providers, impeding users’ capacity to establish connections with any server.

sluggish internet access

There is a noticeable slowdown in internet speeds and a decline in performance across Pakistan. The problem hasn’t been acknowledged by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), nevertheless. Even though internet service providers (ISPs) insist there aren’t any outages, consumers on social media sites are nonetheless complaining about poor access.

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Another X, previously Twitter, outage has affected Pakistan.




Adding to the current difficulties with online connectivity, internet users in Pakistan experienced yet another disturbance when attempting to use the services of social media site X, formerly known as Twitter.

Users from Islamabad and other regions of the nation were unable to use the site for several hours since the service was down.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), which is becoming increasingly concerned about the frequent outages, has not made an official remark about the matter.

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Elections 2024: On February 8, a “suspension” of cellphone and internet services was suggested.




The suggestion was made at the meeting of the ECP, which was convened to examine the state of law and order in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

According to those with knowledge of the situation, there was a suggestion to cut back on mobile and internet service in vulnerable sections of the nation in time for the general elections in 2024.

The election candidates’ security was also a topic of discussion during the conference, and CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja voiced his worries about the rise in attacks on political gatherings in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

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