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Sania Mirza bids adieu to tennis in an emotional message



Indian Tennis star Sania Mirza Friday uploaded a tear-jerking “life update” on Instagram. The star who frequently updates her social media account in a bid to stay in touch with her fans has uploaded a post that has many in tears.

Taking to the popular photograph and video sharing platform. the 36-year-old expressed her feelings regarding her retirement in a long heartfelt note.

Earlier this month, Sania announced her retirement plans.

She had announced that she would call time on her career after next month’s Dubai Tennis Championships after her 2022.

In the note, she detailed her journey in tennis and thanked her family and fans for their support throughout her career, and said that she was set to start a new chapter of her life and devote more time to her son.

“Thirty years ago,” the Indian tennis star begins in her message, “a six-year-old girl from Nasr School in Hyderabad, walked onto a tennis court at Nizam Club with her young mom and fought the coach to let her learn how to play tennis as he thought that she was too little [to play tennis]”.

She then described how having started to practice at the tender age of six, she had “dared to dream” of representing her country in a Grand Slam someday.

The star wrote, “[looking back], not only did I get to play well over half a century of Grand Slam tournaments but I was fortunate enough to win a bunch of them, too, with God’s grace”.

Stating that she felt very emotional even as she wrote the message, Sania said winning medals for her country had been her “biggest honour” and was a humbling experience.

She then thanked her family and her fans, along with her entire team, for their constant and endless support, and wrote: “It’s all of you, who have helped me through the toughest phases of my life and helped this little girl from Hyderabad to not only dare to dream but to achieve those dreams, as well. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“[Tennis] is all I’ve known throughout my life,” the star wrote as she recounted the extent and expanse of her Tennis career.

“It’s been 20 years of being a professional athlete and 30 years of being a tennis player,” she stated.

Commenting on her decision to retire in 2023, Sania said: “My Grand Slam journey started with the Australian Open back in 2005. So, it goes without saying that this would be the most perfect Grand Slam to end my career with.”

The Australian Open this year is set to start on January 16. Sania played her first Grand Slam in the Australian open 18 years ago. After playing in this Grand Slam, she plans to play in the Dubai Open in February.

However, moved as she may feel, Sania wrote that her two most prominent feelings at the time of her retirement were “gratitude and pride”.

“I take pride in everything I have been able to achieve over the last 20 years of my professional career and I am so grateful for the memories that I have been able to create,” she said.

After the moving and emotional trip down memory lane, Sania concluded her message on a hopeful note, saying that she did not see the retirement as an “end”.

“In fact, [it is] a beginning of many different memories to be created, dreams to be achieved and new goals to be set. My son needs me more than ever now and I can’t wait to live a slightly quieter and calmer life while giving him more of my time than I have been able to give so far”.

With this heartfelt conclusion, the tennis star signed off, leaving her fans feeling very emotional, and comments flooded her post with fans wishing her well and sharing their thoughts on how she had been an inspiration in their lives.

It should be noted that Sania played her last match at Wimbledon in July 2022. At the time she had shared an emotional farewell to Wimbledon via Twitter. 

She was initially set to retire from professional Tennis last year after playing in the US Open. However, she had to pull back due to an injury and her plans were postponed to 2023.


Fawad Khan on his relationship with Ranbir Kapoor: “In touch on and off.”




He talked candidly about maintaining friendly relationships with his Indian co-stars in an interview with an Indian media site.

In 2014, Fawad Khan debuted in Bollywood alongside Sonam Kapoor in the film “Khoobsurat.” His final Bollywood production was the romance drama “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil,” which he costarred in with Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Ranbir Kapoor in 2016.

He added that he is still in contact with the “Animal” actor and his family in response to a question about his relationships with his co-stars.

“I communicate with you occasionally. He said in the interview, “I’ve remained in touch, and I have enjoyed a really nice relationship with the Kapoor family. There is still a lot of love and respect for Karan Johar and Shakun Batra. We speak on the phone or Skype sometimes.

Fawad Khan claims that he has a few pals who are Indian producers with whom he occasionally speaks.

“We chat, and then we head somewhere to meet. There is no love lost because we stay in touch and remain pleasant and cordial,” he continued.

It’s important to note that Khan is getting ready to make his big Bollywood comeback after eight long years in a romantic comedy alongside Bollywood icon Vaani Kapoor.

Fawad Khan and Kapoor are slated to star together in an untitled romantic comedy film that would be shot entirely in the United Kingdom, according to an exclusive report by an Indian entertainment magazine.

anotherThe facts reveal that the title will tell the tale of two shattered people who, through a series of fortunate events, find one other, support one another, and eventually fall in love.

The title’s pre-production has been set, and the project is expected to begin this coming fall. There are still unknowns when it comes to the shooting venues.

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In Pakistan, getting married has become a challenging endeavor: Tanveer Anam




Entertainer Anam Tanveer recently discussed the problematic mindset of Pakistanis in a podcast interview, stating that marriage has turned into a “complicated task” in Pakistan.

“This is not the case in any other part of the world,” she said. “It’s completely different in Pakistan than it is in the rest of the world, where a guy and a girl get married if they like each other, regardless of their background, status, or religion.”

“This is because, in this case, a guy from DHA who has feelings for a girl from Malir cannot marry her; this shouldn’t be the standard,” she continued.

He would allegedly say, “It’s a cheap, backward neighborhood, and I can’t marry a girl from there,” if I lived in North Nazimabad. People now focus more on a person’s neighborhood than on their compatibility, education, character, or history. “The actor of “Tere Bina Mein Nahi” clarified that a guy from DHA would marry a female from the same area.

In her words, Tanveer described her ideal life partner as someone who respects women in general and who believes in and encourages his wife to pursue her professional ambitions.

She came to the conclusion, “To date, I have not met a single Pakistani man who respects women well.”

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Aima Baig alerts her fans regarding fake Snapchat account




A fraudulent Snapchat account impersonating Aima Baig has compelled the Pakistani vocalist to caution her supporters. To counteract the rumors suggesting that she was the proprietor of the fraudulent account, Baig posted a screenshot of it on her personal Instagram account.

Baig shared a screenshot of the counterfeit account on her official Instagram profile, expressing astonishment that anyone could confuse the unauthenticated account with her own.

Baig admitted to not possessing a Snapchat account and expressed her belief, via her Instagram story, that the app is inappropriate. She provided reassurance to her admirers that she has no plans to create a Snapchat account in the future.

Online photograph

Baig was astonished by the fact that individuals would place their confidence in unauthenticated accounts to the extent of making purchases with them. She cautioned her fans against being deceived by the fraudulent Snapchat account and advised them to prioritize her Instagram stories.

The vocalist acknowledged occurrences of deceit using counterfeit accounts, although refrained from providing detailed information about those particular incidents.

Aima Baig’s tip serves as a reminder to her fans to exercise prudence and verify the legitimacy of social media profiles in order to avoid being deceived by fraudsters.

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