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No-trust motion: Constitutional process should be followed, says CJP Bandial



  • “We will also direct the Opposition parties to abide by the law,” remarks CJP Umar Ata Bandial.  
  • The court’s intervention will not be meant for paralyzing the political process, says Justice Munib Akhtar.   
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan directs that the court orders should be implemented in letter and spirit.

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial Saturday said that the no-trust motion is a political matter and the constitutional process should be followed in this regard.

The CJP’s remarks came during the urgent hearing of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) petition seeking the apex court’s order against the public gatherings in the federal capital ahead of voting on the no-trust motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Earlier, the SC had fixed March 21st as the date to hear the petition but the case was fixed for today after an attack on the Sindh House by the PTI workers on Friday.

A two-member bench of the Supreme Court, headed by CJP Umar Ata Bandial, heard the petition filed by SCBA President Ahsan Bhoon.

At the outset of today’s hearing, the CJP said, “We will also direct the Opposition parties to abide by the law.” He remarked that the court will ensure the protection of the national institutions.

The CJP asked the attorney general if he wants the court’s opinion about Article 63-A? He directed him to file the reference so that the bench could hear it along with the petition.

At this, the attorney general said the political process should be followed according to the Constitution and nobody should adopt the path of violence. He requested the court to hear the presidential reference apart from the case as it is not related to the SCBA case.

“We respect the Parliament and the parliamentarians,” the CJP said, adding that no party will be allowed to use the court’s platform to worsen the ongoing political situation in the country.

“The court will answer legal questions according to the Constitution,” he added.

Referring to the attack on the Sindh House, the CJP observed that the property of the federal unit was damaged.

At this, SCBA President Ahsan Bhoon said, “The attack on the Sindh House is an attack on the federal unit.”

During the proceedings, Justice Munib Akhtar stated that the court’s intervention will not be meant for paralyzing the political process, adding that they will implement the Constitution for discipline.

As per Article 95 of the Constitution, the speaker will have to conduct a debate on the no-trust motion in the National Assembly ahead of voting on it, stated the judge.

Meanwhile, the apex court issued notices to the ruling PTI, PPP, PML-N and JUI-F in this regard and adjourned the hearing till Monday 1pm.

PM asked to stop PTI workers from resorting to violence

Following the hearing, Attorney General Khalid Jawed Khan met with PM Imran Khan and briefed him about today’s proceeding.

Referring to the attack on the Sindh House, the attorney general suggested the prime minister to direct the party workers as PTI chairman that these types of incidents should not be repeated in future.

On the occasion, the prime minister directed that the court orders should be implemented in letter and spirit.

SCBA petition

In its petition, the SCBA said that all the parties must be restrained from acting against the Constitution of the country. 

It said that both sides had expressed their intentions to gather, and protest at a mass scale in Islamabad in the wake of the vote of no-confidence against the premier and feared that the gatherings may turn violent.

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Today is the observance of World Day Against Child Labor.




Today, the World Day Against Child Labour is being commemorated globally, including in Pakistan.

The goal of celebrating this day is to promote awareness about child labour and inspire efforts to eliminate this societal injustice.

The number of child laborers in Pakistan has surpassed 20 million as a result of poor legislation and inadequate remedies. The prevalence of child labor in Punjab is 14 percent.

Child labour is on the rise, despite governments’ announcements of measures to address the issue, they have failed to take significant action.

The head of a non-governmental organization (NGO) stated that the issue of child labor necessitates the implementation of a comprehensive and enduring strategy.

Over 10 million children in Punjab are currently not attending school and are instead forced to engage in laborious work.

Additionally, the provincial minister for education has declared intentions to offer exclusive remuneration for enrolling children in schools, while also ensuring that pupils receive instruction in practical skills.

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TikTok plans to introduce an image search capability in order to directly compete with Google.




TikTok, a Chinese short video platform, is now conducting a trial of a novel functionality that enables users to capture or submit images in order to discover comparable products within the TikTok Shop, as reported by TechCrunch.

TikTok, the current leader in social media, is now aiming to enter Google’s domain in the field of search, indicating a direct competition against Google’s control in visual search.

The functionality, originally observed by user Jonah Manzano, is presently accessible to users residing in the United States and Southeast Asia. Users that have access to the feature will see a camera symbol that is integrated.
This feature allows users to effortlessly search for products by capturing or uploading photographs, eliminating the requirement for written descriptions.

For example, if you are eating at a restaurant and like the dish that is presented on a certain plate, you can take a fast photo using the TikTok app to discover comparable goods that you can buy.

Similarly, if you come across an expensive item while shopping online, you can save its image and use TikTok’s image search feature to locate similar, more affordable options.

Although TikTok Shop has previously utilized conventional search methods, this new advancement represents a notable deviation by harnessing the capabilities of visual search, similar to Google Lens.

TikTok’s decision is a calculated maneuver aimed at not only attracting users’ interest in finding new products but also promoting sales within its e-commerce network.

This development is not only a criticism of Google or Amazon; it is a more extensive effort to rival other participants in the field of visual search and e-commerce, such as Klarna and rising businesses like Cherry.

TikTok’s shift towards e-commerce is apparent in its recent announcement that TikTok Shop accommodates more than 15 million vendors worldwide, including a significant presence in the United States.

The company has made significant investments in platform safety, dedicating more than $400 million and establishing a staff of 7,500 personnel to guarantee the integrity of TikTok Shop.

TikTok continues to pursue its e-commerce goals, while encountering regulatory obstacles, especially in the United States.

TikTok’s momentum remains unaffected by President Biden’s recent measure, which indicates a possible prohibition if ByteDance does not divest the platform.

However, the corporation regards e-commerce as a strategic source of income and a method to maintain consumer involvement within its ecosystem.

TikTok is continuously expanding and improving its TikTok Shop to encourage more user interaction and spending. This will help establish TikTok as a strong competitor in the e-commerce industry.
in the search bar of TikTok Shop.

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The Traffic Response Unit in Lahore was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Punjab.




On Wednesday, the Traffic Response Unit was inaugurated in Lahore by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

During this event, the chief minister examined the motorcycles of the traffic response team. She engaged in a discussion with the wardens and questioned about the training and other related topics.

In addition, she monitored the message via a public address system in the event of a traffic congestion. Following the establishment of the Traffic Response Unit, a dedicated meeting was convened to discuss traffic management, with CM Maryam Nawaz presiding as the chairperson.

The chief minister established a specific time limit to enhance the movement of vehicles in Lahore. Maryam Nawaz instructed to offer an alternative location for wheel-carts to ensure the smooth movement of traffic.

In addition, she oversaw the implementation of measures to enforce lane discipline in all situations and initiated an awareness campaign targeting rickshaws and motorbikes to encourage them to stay inside their designated lanes.

The discussion involved an evaluation of the installation of the Intelligence Traffic Signal Management System in Lahore. She instructed relevant agencies to develop efficient and enduring strategies to address the problem of encroachments on highways.

CM Maryam also instructed the restoration of the screens that were established for traffic instruction. During the meeting, CTO Ammara Azhar provided a briefing stating that the specialized traffic response team will promptly respond to traffic congestion within 15 minutes of receiving a call.

The specialized unit, comprised of 50 robust motorcycles and 100 enforcers, would promptly undertake measures to alleviate the traffic congestion. In order to fulfill this objective, the Traffic Response Unit has undergone a specialized training program lasting one month.

Additionally, the Chief Technology Officer stated that the Traffic Response Unit received first aid training from the Red Crescent. Each motorbike will be equipped with a public address system and a first aid box. The traffic wardens will also capture footage using a specialized camera.

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