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My days of watching cricket, for time being, are over: PM Imran Khan



  • PM Imran Khan says Pakistanis were excited for Australia’s tour.
  • “I am unable to watch. I follow the matches in the papers,” he says.
  • Australian team is being given Presidential-level security, he adds.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected reports of watching a Pakistan-Australia Test match in-person as he said that his days of watching cricket were over for time being.

Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhary during his visit to Pindi Cricket Stadium a few days back during the historic Rawalpindi Test hinted that PM Imran Khan would witness Australia and Pakistan play a Test match.

However, in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, PM Imran Khan said: “Unfortunately, my days of watching cricket, for the time being, are over.”

Australia have returned to Pakistan after almost 24-long-years and the tour witnessed the first Test at Pindi Cricket Stadium, which did attract a massive crowd on all five days, but ended up in a disappointment due to a dead-flat wicket.

International Cricket Council (ICC) also declared the Pindi Cricket Stadium “below average” for the first Test match between Pakistan and Australia and penalised it with one demerit point.

Terming Aussies tour a “much-awaited moment” for the cricket fans, PM Imran Khan said that Pakistanis are a cricket-loving nation; however, because of the war on terror, they have been deprived of cricket for many years.

The prime minister said Pakistanis were awaiting the Australian team’s arrival with great anticipation and excitement as it is a team that is “admired.”

PM’s take on T20s and Test matches

The premier was of the view that between T20 and Test cricket, the former is “great entertainment” with innovative stroke play and brilliant fielding; however, the premier said that the “true test” of a cricketer will always be the five-day format.

Shedding light on the efforts of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), he said the board was and Cricket Australia were in talks for a couple of years regarding the historic Australia tour to Pakistan.

The reservations were added when New Zealand pulled out of their Pakistan tour and England stepped back from touring the country recently.

Overall security has ‘improved’

PM Imran Khan said: “The issue was about security and our government has improved the overall security within the country. The Australian team is being given Presidential-level security and our people have been waiting with excitement for this series.

“Apart from the dead pitches, nothing can dampen the cricket fans’ excitement.”

How does the PM follow cricket?

The prime minister, although does not watch matches at stadium, but he follows cricket through papers.

“I am unable to watch. I follow the matches in the papers. Unless the pitches are more responsive we won’t see results,” he added.

PM Imran Khan is looking forward to seeing a few names performing in the series.

“Looking forward to seeing Pat Cummins, Steve Smith, Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi perform during the tour”.

Reliving memories

PM Imran Khan also relived the memories of playing against Australia. “The 1976 tour of Australia when I was barely 23 years old. This was my favourite tour of Australia. In Pakistan, it was in 1982, the match in Lahore when I took 8 wickets on a dead pitch. Chappell brothers and Dennis Lillee were the toughest competitors.”

Indo-Pak bilateral series

“India right now has a racist Hindutva regime preaching racial superiority and hatred for minorities, especially Muslims,” the prime minister said.

“So, there is no forward movement in our relations and cricket is also affected — has become collateral damage,” he said about a possible Indo-Pak bilateral series.

Are fast bowlers better captains?

Shaheen Shah Afridi recently being captain as a fast bowler lifted the maiden trophy for Lahore Qalandars. Pat Cummins is the Test captain of Australia on tour to Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan also opined that fast bowlers make better captains as they habve an edge over others.

“Theoretically, fast bowlers should make better captains. A good captain must have the ability to judge when to use a particular bowler when to change the bowler and assess the field placings accordingly. Fast bowlers have an edge in making these assessments.”


The actor Ali Mallah of “Ishq Murshid” talks about life’s challenges.




After a successful stint in the smash hit Ishq Murshid, Sindhi musician Ali Gul Mallah, who has been in the industry for thirty years, has suddenly become the talk of the town.

He at last received the credit he earned and rose to fame across the country.

He discussed his experiences with financial hardships in Mazaq Raat, as well as how being an orphan exacerbated his suffering.

world,” saidHe said he had only one sister and that his mother had passed away while he was a small child. “When a person’s mother goes, he is just like an orphan in the world,” the father of the speaker remarried.

He also talked candidly about how his success caused everyone to behave differently.

According to him, those who once ridiculed and criticized him, asking whether he was attempting to become Shah Rukh Khan, are now more amiable and appreciate his efforts.

Ali Jan, the son of Ali Gul Mallah, appeared on the show alongside his father and expressed their immense happiness and pride at their father’s accomplishments.

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Aiza Awan expresses her enjoyment of playing the role of a damsel in distress.




Aiza Awan recently appeared as a guest on the PSL special show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh. She actively participated in enjoyable activities and openly responded to the innocent questions asked by host Najeeb-ul-Hasnain.

During a segment, Awan disclosed that it is indeed accurate that the majority of her budget is allocated to travel expenses. When questioned about her most opulent journey, the actress highlighted Europe and revealed that she has extensively traversed the majority of the region.

When questioned about whether she has stopped portraying the conventional damsel in distress characters in movies, the actor of ‘Tere Bina Mein Nahi’ responded with a straightforward “no.” Due to my exclusive focus and extensive experience in this genre, it has become my area of expertise. As a result, I have developed a high level of proficiency in portraying emotions, particularly crying. Therefore, I have gained a deeper understanding of those characters and have developed a certain level of enjoyment for them.

Furthermore, Awan revealed that novice performers typically arrive on the sets early and depart late; however, she acknowledged that this practice is not wholly unjustified, as one needs to exert great effort during their initial phase of striving.

Aiza Awan’s most recent acting role was in the popular drama series ‘Tere Bina Mein Nahi’, where she appeared with renowned actors Shahzad Sheikh and Sonya Hussyn.

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Fazila Qazi exposes ceremonies for awards




The expert stated, “Social media followers are just a passing trend,” during a program. She also said that users on social media have all the time in the world and are “purposeless.”

Furthermore, she made oblique references to the fact that Pakistani award ceremonies are primarily preset and predetermined and that a particular group of people consistently win honors.
In answer to a separate query, Qazi said that all drama serials in recent years have the same storyline, which is reused repeatedly with “different angles.” She said, “It’s the same plot and material with a few minor changes to try something fresh.
The veteran described “politics in Pakistan” as an enjoyable diversion.

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