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Legal experts weigh in on Supreme Court’s ruling



A five-member bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, has unanimously declared the deputy speaker’s ruling to stop the no-confidence motion as well as the dissolution of the national assembly by the prime minister as contrary to the law and constitution.

The Court has also ordered for the national assembly to be restored, and for the vote of no confidence to be held on April 9.

On Sunday, the deputy speaker of the national assembly blocked the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan terming it a “foreign conspiracy”. Later the prime minister dissolved the national assembly and called for a fresh election. The same day the Supreme Court took up the case to decide whether the deputy speaker had the legal and constitutional authority to sidestep the no-trust move.

“Supreme Court rises up to the occasion”

Legal expert Muneeb Farooq tweeted that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has risen up to the occasion and has “declared every action of April 3 as unconstitutional”.

“Thankfully, we are celebrating this order that has torn to shreds the actions of April 3. It is should be embarrassing for the ruling party for they did not conduct themselves in an honourable and graceful way.”

“The constitution wins”

Lawyer Salaar Khan tweeted that the constitution had won, adding that “may the doctrine of necessity forever remain six feet beneath the ground.”

“Faith in sanctity of constitution strengthened”

Legal expert Reema Omer said on the social media website that “faith in the sanctity of the constitution” had been strengthened, adding that it was not impractical or idealistic to have this expectation from the Court.

“ECP’s role important”

The Election Commission of Pakistan told the Court that an election cannot be held before seven or eight months, which must have also played a role in the final decision, lawyer Kamran Murtaza told Geo News, adding that either the prime minister should resign or face the vote of no trust.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan has both options,” he said. 

“For the first time in three decades”

Lawyer Asad Rahim Khan tweeted that it was a “good day for the constitution and for the sanctity of parliament”.

He added that “for the first time in almost three decades, the Supreme Court has not only held dissolution illegal but also restored parliament – ensuring none of the moral greyness we had with the Junejo-era verdict.”

‘PTI should send notices to its lawmakers’

Legal expert Reza Ali tweeted that the ruling PTI should follow the process to send show-cause notices to it the lawmakers from its party who have defected. 

‘Democracy at its finest’

Shedding light on the judgment, lawyer Zoe Khan said that the decision of the SC today reflected “democracy at its finest”.

“The beauty of today’s Supreme Court judgment is that 5 of 5 Learned Judges unanimously upheld the sanctity of the Constitution of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Democracy at its finest! Pakistan Zindabad,” she tweeted.

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Zaidong, the ambassador, said China will fully back Pakistan’s counterterrorism operations.




Reaffirming on Thursday that China will provide Pakistan with unwavering support in its fight against terrorism is Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Jiang Zaidong.

In an interview that was broadcast on television, the ambassador promised to cooperate with Pakistan and said that China will protect the interests and safety of the citizens of the two friendly nations.

Zaidong underscored that efforts to undermine the two nations’ bilateral relationship would be thwarted by China’s cooperation with Pakistan.

Also, he emphasized how crucial China-Pakistan relations have become strategically given the changing nature of the world.

In highlighting the transformative impact of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the ambassador reaffirmed his nation’s commitment to seeing it through.

In addition to creating thousands of employment, he said, “the CPEC has facilitated significant advancements in power generation and transportation infrastructure with over $25 billion in direct investments and substantial infrastructure development.”

Zaidong stressed the value of sharing ideas and knowledge between Pakistan and China, acknowledging their shared security objectives.

Stressing that both countries have a common future, he envisioned their partnership having a greater social impact.

Concerning the terrorist attack on Chinese nationals [working on the Dasu dam], the ambassador expressed gratitude to the Pakistani people for their condolences and sympathy and commended the government for its prompt action.

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Mild rain in Lahore improves the weather




Early on Friday, light rain in the province capital Lahore and its surrounding areas improved the weather.

But rain also led to power outages in several areas of Lahore, as multiple feeders of the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) blew, leaving whole sections of the city without power.

Details show that rain was observed in a number of locations throughout the city, including Model Town, Gulberg, Garden Town, Mall Road, Lakshmi Chowk, Gulshan Ravi, Jail Road, and Sanda.

However, the Met Office has forecasted an additional day of rain for the city during the next 24.

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The government will begin coordinated action against lawbreakers in the Katcha region




On Friday, Mohsin Naqvi, the interior minister, announced that the government would begin a coordinated operation in the Katcha region to eradicate the miscreants for good.

He stated that collaborative efforts in the Katcha region will make use of contemporary technologies, including drones.

According to Mohsin Naqvi, all security agencies, including the police, should make sure that SOPs are fully implemented in order to protect Chinese nationals living in Pakistan.

He declared that any carelessness in this respect will not be accepted at all while presiding over a meeting to review the National Action Plan’s implementation at NACTA headquarters in Islamabad.

According to Naqvi, failure to follow the SOPs for the safety of foreign nationals will result in severe disciplinary action.

“We have to outfit our departments with cutting-edge technology to eradicate terrorism,” stated the interior minister. He declared that the provinces will receive all the assistance from the federation in this area.

Anti-state forces will be permanently driven out of the Katcha region, according to Naqvi. The interior minister expressed satisfaction with the anti-smuggling operations and stated that all ministries need to make sure that smugglers face stern legal action.

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