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In call with European Council chief, PM calls for solving Russia-Ukraine conflict through ‘dialogue’



In call with European Council chief, PM calls for solving Russia-Ukraine conflict through 'dialogue'

Prime Minister Imran Khan received a telephone call from European Council President Charles Michel on Monday and reiterated the call for finding a solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict through “dialogue and diplomacy”.

The premier posted the update on Twitter, saying he shared concerns over the continued military conflict, highlighted its adverse economic impact on developing countries and stressed the urgent need for a ceasefire and de-escalation.

“I emphasised the importance of humanitarian relief and reiterated [the] call for a solution through dialogue and diplomacy. We agreed that countries like Pakistan could play a facilitating role in this endeavour. I look forward to close engagement to promote shared objectives,” he said.

Later, in a detailed statement, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said PM Imran expressed “deep concern” over the military conflict and stressed that further escalation would have a negative impact on the region and the world.

“The prime minister added that he had been persistently highlighting the adverse economic impact of conflict on developing countries,” the statement said.

Emphasising that Pakistan had maintained a principled position that it would only be a partner for peace, the premier stressed the urgent need for a ceasefire as well as the importance of humanitarian relief for civilians in Ukraine.

“The prime minister underlined that Pakistan had friendly ties with Russia and Ukraine and had remained in close contact with both sides. The prime minister expressed the hope that the dispute would be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.

“The two leaders agreed that countries like Pakistan could play a facilitating role in these endeavours and that both sides would remain closely engaged to promote shared objectives,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the premier underscored the importance of Pakistan’s relations with the EU and conveyed that he was looking forward to his visit to Brussels to meet the bloc’s leadership. “He also extended an invitation to Michel to visit Pakistan,” the statement said.

PM lashes out at EU envoys

The prime minister’s interaction with Michel comes a day after he lashed out at a statement by European Union ambassadors calling on Pakistan to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

In a joint letter written to Pakistan last week, the ambassadors of 23 countries had asked Islamabad to support a United Nations General Assembly resolution condemning Russia’s aggression and demanding its immediate withdrawal.

“Have you ever acknowledged Pakistan’s support in the ‘war against terror’ which claimed 80,000 lives and caused other collateral damage,” he asked while addressing a public meeting in Mailsi town of Vehari district on Sunday.

“Has anyone of you severed trade relations with India or objected to its unlawful actions?” he questioned, adding, “are we slaves and act according to your wishes?”.

The prime minister said Pakistan did not want any confrontation with any country and wanted to have good relations with all — Russia, the US, China and Europe.

“Islamabad is not in any camp. We are neutral and make efforts that the Russia-Ukraine war should come to an end at the earliest as it is a great loss to the world,” he said.

The premier also chided the EU ambassadors for not even appreciating Pakistan’s role in the Nato war.

Last week, the UNGA passed a non-binding resolution, demanding the immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine. Out of five South Asian nations, only Nepal voted for the resolution while Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka decided to abstain.

Pakistan’s Ambassador Munir Akram had also asserted in the UN that Islamabad supported all efforts to restore peace in Ukraine. “We are advocating a ceasefire and negotiations. If we had joined the Ukraine resolution, we would have no political space for diplomacy between the two sides,” he had asserted.


Nafisa Shah and Shazia Marri Give Up Their Reserved Assembly Seats




Following their election to the assembly in the general elections, Ms. Shazia Marri and Nafisa Shah submitted their resignations from their reserved seats in the National Assembly representing the province of Sindh.

Shazia Marri became victorious in NA-209 Sanghar, beating Grand Democratic Alliance candidate Muhammad Khan Junejo, while Syeda Nafisa Shah emerged victorious in NA-202 Khairpur, defeating former Sindh Chief Minister Syed Ghaus Ali Shah.

The Election Commission has announced that Sharmila Sahiba Faruqui Hashaam and Muddassir Sehar Kamran, both members of the People’s Party, have been proclaimed elected to the National Assembly on the reserved seats occupied by Shazia Marri and Syeda Nafisa Shah.

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College administrators want that the Karachi inter-examinations be rechecked.




Reaction followed the Sindh interim government’s approval of the students’ grace marks as a three-person inquiry team charged with examining anomalies in the results found widespread violations.

In order to ensure that justice was served in this case, college leaders opposed the decision to award the students grace marks and insisted on another examination.

It should be mentioned that the report of the committee appointed by the interim chief minister of Sindh disclosed that there was “tampering” with the results of English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. For the incident, eight members of the Karachi Intermediate Board were found accountable.

Dr. Saeedudin, Naseem Memon, and other former chairmen were accused of manipulating the results of the Karachi inter examinations, and the Sindh government wrote a petition to the anti-corruption agency requesting that prosecutions be filed against those involved.

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Pneumonia outbreak: 10 further kid fatalities in 24 hours are reported from Punjab




Ten more children in Punjab, the largest province, have died from pneumonia in the last 24 hours, continuing the alarming trend of paediatric pneumonia deaths.

In the same time frame, the Punjab Health Department reported an astounding 427 new instances of pneumonia in the province, with 149 of those cases occurring in Lahore alone.

According to the most recent data, Punjab has had 20,872 recorded instances of pneumonia this year, with 319 fatalities overall. During the same period, 4,050 cases and 58 fatalities had been reported in Lahore.

Medical professionals have issued a warning, blaming the increase in pneumonia cases mostly on Punjab’s dangerous smog, which is made worse by the city’s high levels of air pollution in the winter.

Immunisation protocols

In response to the dire circumstances, Punjab’s interim health minister, Dr. Jamal Nasir, mandated children’s inoculation against pneumonia on January 11.

Dr. Nasir emphasised that all government hospitals in the province offer free pneumonia diagnostic and treatment services.

Signs and reasons

He emphasised the frequent signs of pneumonia, which include fever, coughing up blood, colds, and trouble breathing.

Precautions against pneumonia were emphasised, including making sure kids wore warm garments and minimising their exposure to the cold. Children’s pneumonia has been linked to a number of conditions, including immune system weakness, extended exposure to cold, pollution, malnourishment, and not nursing.

Even in moderate cases, pneumonia can seriously endanger life. Phlegm and cough, fever, chills, excessive perspiration, shortness of breath during everyday activities, chest discomfort when coughing or breathing, exhaustion, appetite loss, nausea, and headaches are some of the symptoms. Age and medical factors might have an impact on how severe the symptoms are.

Actions and therapies

Chest X-rays are used by physicians to get precise information about the lungs in the early stages.

Patients with viral illnesses are administered antiviral medicines. Dr. Nasir advised everyone to get medical help as soon as any symptoms appear.

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