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American instructors were present at shooting site where Arshad Sharif was last seen



  • Arshad Sharif had dinner with American instructors at site on October 22-23. 
  • Khurram Ahmad took unusual route of driving on fateful night.
  • Source says Sharif was unaware his whereabouts were known to several people.

NAIROBI: Around 10 American instructors and US national trainees were present at AmmoDump Shooting Range where Arshad Sharif had spent his last night before being gunned down by the Kenyan police.

A trusted Kenyan government official has told Geo News that Sharif had dinner with other guests at the site including American instructors on October 22 and 23. Sharif left AmmoDump Kwenia Range – also known as Ammodump Shooting Range – in dark at 8pm on October 23 with his host Khurram, brother of Waqar Ahmad, for Nairobi. He was fatally shot dead an hour later.

Pakistani investigators have asked in writing to the Kenyan authorities to provide “names and contact details of the instructors and trainers who were getting training at AmmoDump Training Camp at the time of the shooting” but didn’t name nationality of the instructors and trainees. 

— Provided by the reporters
— Provided by the reporters 

The Kenyan government official shared with Geo News that his government has asked the Pakistani brothers to share full details of everyone who was present on the site that night and the reason behind their presence.

The Kenyan source said the authorities of East African country were working on Pakistan’s request. 

There are two roads that lead to Tinga before one connects to Nairobi from the AmmoDump shooting joint. One is located on the right side of the main entrance and the other one heads to the left which passes through the shooting range.

Khurram usually used the one that passes through the shooting range. A worker at the site who spoke in confidence as they are not authorised to address the media said: “He usually goes through this side but on that day they used the opposite direction.”

The usual path they used to follow is known to be short and they could have arrived their destination faster compared to the one they used the night Sharif was killed.

On its publicity pages, AmmoDump Kwenia Range describes itself as a “heaven” where shooting practises, weekend camping, spot shooting weekending, biking trails, tended lodges, archery and roading, game drives and farm tours are offered.

AmmoDump Limited’s website says it’s a Kenyan registered company whose parent company AmmoDump Securities Incorporated is registered in Ontario, Canada. Its website boasts: “We specialise in Defence and Security equipment. AmmoDump was formed in 2015 by a group of likeminded individuals who sought to combine best-in-class brands, assets and people within the complex risk management industry.”

Sources have said that partners at AmmoDump also trade in arms and work with several arms companies.

A Geo News team visited the AmmoDump shooting site where Sharif stayed for the last time. One can reach the site after a treacherous and dangerous path involving muddy patches, spiky stones and treacherous conditions.

— Provided by the reporters

There is no suggestion that the Ahmad brothers, American instructors or anyone at the site had anything to do with Sharif’s killing but the new details show that Kenyan officials are under considerable pressure from Pakistan and they are forced to ask questions to assist the probe.

The same Kenyan source shared that it appeared that the journalist was unaware that his whereabouts were known to several people.

Khurram and Waqar have not spoken to media but their lawyer said the brothers are cooperating with the investigation team. 

Khurram and the Kenyan police initially said Sharif’s killing was a case of “mistaken identity” and that the journalist’s car was fired upon when it was driving but the police then changed its version and said the police retaliated after fires were shot from inside Sharif’s car. 

Khurram has not responded to the police U-turn on its statement but his lawyer said he’s been advised not to speak to media and not to respond to questions until the investigation is completed.

The Pakistan investigators have also called on the Kenya Police and Khurram and Waqar to share names, rank and contact details of police officers involved in shooting incident; call details date of all caused officers; Geo-fencing report at crime scene; ballistic report related to incident; any record related to movement of officers from GSU Headquarters to shooting incident; crime scene sketch; initial statement of accused officers; call details of the witnesses Waqar, his wife Morin Waqar and Khurram. 

Investigators looking into the killing of the journalist have also asked the Ahmad brothers to provide CCTV footage of the apartment in Nairobi where Sharif stayed and the training site out of Nairobi where he was last seen alive before his tragic killing.

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